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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Agniveer syllabus

 Sure shot video on Aptitude

How to find unit digit

Allegations and Mixtures

Ratio and proportion



Sunday, October 3, 2021

SSC CHSL quantitative aptitude -Reasoning

 SSC CHSL quantitative aptitude -Reasoning

Water and Mirror Image 

When any mirror images formed left hand side of the image becomes right hand side and right hand side of the image becomes left  inside

When we have to find the water image the top becomes bottom and bottom becomes top

Find mirror image and water image of 'P'

Find mirror  and water image of "369"

Find mirror and water image of  'VIJAY'

Lecture 2

Find mirror and water image of ' F' and ' R '

Find mirror image of '1576903'

Lecture 3


Lecture 4


There are two types of years normal wear and leap year and normal year and  there are 365 days  in normal year but in leap year there are 366 days

Normally there are 52 weeks and one day but in leap year there are 52 weeks and 2 days
In order to find whether a year is normal here for the year we have to divide the year with 4 if that was divided by the four then it is a leap year

Problem explained --

If on 1 January 2006 the day was Sunday find the day on 1st January 2007

Lecture 5

Alphabet Arrangements
Find the 20 letter from the right side of the alphabet
Find the 17th letter from the right side of the alphabet

Find a 20th letter from the right side in reverse order

Find 20th letter from left hand side in reverse order

If we change the the first and fifth letter of the word  "EQUALITY" similarly if we change the second and sixth letter of the equality and this process goes on and find the third letter from the right side

Lecture 6 

If the value of J= 4 ,L = 8 ,M =  24 ,P = 6  then find the value of the given equation

M× J ÷ L + J =??
If P = +, Q = × ,R = ÷ ,S = -;

Friday, October 1, 2021

SSC CHSL quantitative aptitude -Allegations and Mixture


SSC  quantitative aptitude - Allegations and Mixture 

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Mock Test Series --

Que 1 

The average weight of 40 students is 30 and average weight of 20 students is 15 find average weight of combined class

40 छात्रों का औसत वजन 30 है तथा 20 छात्रों का औसत वजन 15 है तो कुल औसत वजन क्या होगा

Que 2

The average weight of a class of a student is 15 and that of other is 30 average weight of combined class is 25 find ratio of number of students from first class to another class

यदि एक कक्षा के छात्रों का औसत वजन 15 तथा दूसरी कक्षा के छात्रों का औसत वजन 30 है यदि दोनों कक्षाओं के छात्रों का औसत वजन 25 किलोग्राम है तो दोनों कक्षाओं के छात्रों की संख्याओं का अनुपात बताइए

Que 3

Two varieties of soda water are mixed in the ratio of 2:3 The price of first soda water is 10  per litre and other is of 15 per litre find average price per litre of mixture 

दो तरह के सोडा वाटर की मिश्रण का अनुपात 2:03 है पहली प्रकार के सोडा वाटर का दाम ₹10 प्रति लीटर तथा दूसरे प्रकार के सोडा वाटर का दाम ₹15 प्रति लीटर है तो दिए गए मिश्रण का औसत दाम प्रति लीटर क्या होगा

Que 4

A shop sold 30% of hardware at a profit of 50%  and 90% of software at a profit of 10%

Find average profit percent of shop

एक दुकानदार ३०% हार्डवेयर का सामान बेचने पर 50 % का लाभ कमाता है तथा 90 % सॉफ्टवेयर का सामान बेचने पर 10% का लाभ कमाता है तो उसका कोई औसत लाभ प्रतिशत क्या होगा

Que 5

A  man covered 150 km distance in 10 hours he covered his first part with a car of speed 20km/hr and then with a rickshaw at 12 km/hr find distance covered with a car and rickshaw 

एक व्यक्ति 150 किलोमीटर की दूरी 10 घंटे में तय करता है यदि वह कुछ ऐसे की दूरी एक कार से 20 किलोमीटर प्रति घंटा की चाल से तथा फिर कुछ दूरी 16 से 12 किलोमीटर प्रति घंटे की चाल से तय करता है तो उसने कार से तथा रिक्शे से कितनी कितनी दूरी चली

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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

SSC CHSL quantitative aptitude-Time and work

 SSC CHSL quantitative aptitude-Time and work

Mock Test series                            Click to buy Recorded Lectures

Que 1

A can type a report in 16 hours and B can do the same job in 12 hours with the help of C they complete the report in 6 hours then C alone can type the report in how many hours

a) 48h

b) 42  h

c) 45 h

d) 49 h 

Ans (a)

Que 2

Working together P and Q can do a job in 6 days Q and R can do the same job in 10 days while P and R  can do it in 5 days how long will it take if all of them work together to complete the job

a) 4(2/7)

b) 4(3/7)

c) 4(4/7)

d) 4(5/7)

Ans  (a )

Que 3

Sudha can do a work in 10 days Rani can do the same work in 40 days if they work at it on alternate days Sudha beginning the work then in how many days the work will be completed

a) 12 days

b) 8 days

c) 16  days

d) 14 days 

Ans  (c)

Que 4

A is twice as good a workman as B and together they finish a piece of work in 24 days in how many days  B will be alone finish the work

a) 63

b) 75

c) 60

d) 72

Ans (d)

Que 5

A can do a piece of work in 12 days and B  in 16 days after working for 4 days with A   B leaves the work In how many more days will A finish the remaining work

a) 5 

b) 12

c) 8

d) 9

Ans ( a )

Que 6

Anita can do a work in 30 days Sunita is 25% more efficient than Anita the number of days taken by Sunita to do the same work is

a) 27

b) 30

c) 24

d) 33

Ans (c) 

Que 7

A completes 60% of a task in 15 days and then takes the help of  B and  C   B  is 50% as efficient as A and  C  is 50% as efficient as B  in how many more days will they complete the work

a) 5(5/7)

b) 5/7

c) 5

d) 15 

Ans (a )

Que 8

Working 7 hours daily 24 men can complete a piece of work in 27 days in how many days would 14 men complete the same piece of work working 9 hours daily

a) 29 days

b) 39 days

c) 36 days

d) 30 days

Ans ( c)

Que 9

A and B can do a piece of work separately in 8 hours and 12 hours if they work alternate hours A starting when will the work be finished

a) 9¹/2 

b ) 9

c) 8¹/2

d) 8

Ans (a)

Que 10  

X can do work in 4 days Y  can do the same work in 9 days both of them finish the work together and get 2600 rupees find the share of X and Y

a) 1800,800

b ) 2000,600

c) 1500,1100

d) 1900,700

Ans (a)

Some More Questions --

If a person complete its work in 10 days and another person complete similar work in 15 days in how many days the work will be completed if both of them work together

Three persons A,B and C complete a work in 10 days 15 days and 20 days respectively if they all work together in how many days the complete the whole work

If a man completes a work in 10 days and another man completes a work in 15 days if both of them will work together in how many days we will finish work 

यदि एक व्यक्ति किसी काम को 10 दिन में पूर्ण करता है तथा दूसरा व्यक्ति उसी काम को 15 दिन में फोन करता है दोनों मिलकर उसी काम को करते हैं तो कितने दिन में काम खत्म होगा

Lecture 2

Working together A and B completes a part of work in 12 days when B and C work together they complete it in 15 days if A and C work together they complete the same work in 20 days if A B and C all  three will work together in how many days they will finish the work

Aऔर Bमिलकर किसी काम को 12 दिन में करते हैं B
 और C  से मिलकर उसी काम को 15 दिन में करते हैं यदि A और C उसी काम को 20 दिन में करते हैं यदि A,B,C तीनों मिलकर उसी काम को करते हैं तो कितने दिन में काम खत्म होगा

Lecture 3

If two people work together and after sometime one of them will left the work then how much time is taken by the first one to complete the remaining work

मेरे दो लोग मिलकर किसी काम को करते हैं कुछ समय बाद उनमें से एक व्यक्ति काम छोड़ कर चला जाता है तो पहले व्यक्ति को उसके बचे हुए काम को पूरा करने में कितना समय लगेगा

Friday, September 17, 2021

SSC CHSL quantitative aptitude - surds indices

 Exponent Logarithm and Surds

Formula                                      Click to Buy Recorded Lectures

how to convert indices into lograthims and vice versa
a² = 10
a  is base
2 is power or exponent
loga10 = 2

Practice Problems

2logx+3log y = log a
Find value of 'a'

2logx - log y = 1 

a log x - blog y = 2 log 3

Laws of exponent (basic)

a^m + a^ n = (a)^m+n

2³+2⁴= 2³+⁴=2⁷


2⁶÷2⁴=2⁶-⁴= 2²

(2³)⁵= (2)³*⁵= (2)¹⁵

a°= 1

(a)^-3= 1/ a^3

Solve the Questions

125⅓ ==


125-⅓ =

2⅔.2⅖ =


1/(1/3)⁷ ==

Which one is bigger

(√17-√15)or (√24-√23)

Which is bigger surd and which is smaller


Monday, September 13, 2021

SSC CHSL quantitative aptitude -Decimal and Fraction

 SSC CHSL quantitative aptitude -Decimal and Fraction

Lecture 1

Find value of 

1/ (2×3). + 1/(3×4). + 1/ ( 4×5) ......1/ (9×10)  

Find value of 

1/(1×4). +1/(4× 7)...........1/(16×19)

Lecture --
Trick to find largest fraction

In which of the following fractions which is the biggest 3/5,21/23,11/13,9/11

Lecture -- 

Show that 30,40,50,60 are in proportion

Find the unknown quan

Monday, September 6, 2021

SSC GD quantitative aptitude. - Simple and Compound Interest

 SSC CHSL quantitative aptitude- Simple and Compound Interest

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Mock Test Series

 Que 1 

Find the amount on 12000 at 10% per annum for 2 years and 6 months compounded annually

a) Rs  14675

b) Rs 15246

c) Rs 14850

d) Rs 15940

Ans ( b )

Que 2

Find the compound interest on rupees 4000 at 12% for 1 year compounded half yearly

a) Rs 480.20

b) Rs 410.20

c) Rs 494.40

d) Rs 475.40

Ans ( c) 

Que 3

Find the compound interest on 20000 at 12% per annum for 6 months compounded quarterly

a) Rs 1415

b) Rs 1096

c) Rs 1218

d) Rs 13212

Ans ( c )

Que 4

The simple interest on a sum of money for 2 years at 8% per annum is rupees 120 what will be the compound interest on the same sum at the same rate for the same time

a) 124.80

b) 110.20.

c) 145.15

d) 136.25

Ans ( a ) 

Que 5

A man borrows 5000 rupees from a bank at 8% per annum compound interest At the end of every year he pays rupees 1000 as a part payment of loan and interest  How much does he still go to the bank after three such installments

a) 3052.16

b) 3442.20

c) 3616.84

d) 3824.40

Ans ( a)

Que 6

A sum of rupees 4410 was taken as a loan this is to be repaid in two equal installment if the rate of interest is 10% per annum compounded annually the value of each installment is

a) 2545

b ) 2632

c) 2484

d) 2541

Ans (  d )

Que 7 

Difference  between simple and compound interest on a certain sum of money for 3 years at 5% per annum is 61 find the sum

a) 5500

b) 7500

c ) 8000

d) 9300

Ans  (c  )

Que 8

Simon borrows  equal sum every year at 10% compound interest at the end of year he pays  rupees 14564 find the amount of money Simon borrowed every year

a) 4000

b) 3500

c)  3600

d) 5000

Ans ( a )

Que 9

The present worth of  Rs 2809 due 2 years hence 6 % per annum is

a) 2100

b) 2600

c) 2400

d) 2500

Ans  ( d )

Que 10 

Effective annual rate of interest corresponding to a nominal rate of 4% per annum payable half-yearly is

a) 4.04%

b) 4.15%

c) 4.18%

d) 4.10 %

Ans. (  a )

Simple interest formula

SI = (P×R×T)/100

Where P is  principal that is money that is borrowed

R is the Rate which is charged It is generally represented in %

T is the time for which money is lended

Amount paid after tenure is completed can be calculated using formula

A = P+I

Compound Interest 

Here we firstly  calculate amount  paid to lender then afterwards we calculate interset paid to lender by subtracting it with principal

Formula for calculating compound interest



A -- Amount paid to lender after given interval of time

P - Principal ie money borrowed 

R--Rate of interest charged 

It can be annually ,half yearly,quaterly

T - Time  It is generally given in terms of years

In order to calculate compound interest we use the formula

CI = A. - P

Important points to Remember

The value of compound interest and simple interest for 1 year is always same

Compound Interest is always greater than simple interset 

If we calculate compound interest half yearly then

Time = Time in months / 6

Rate = Rate /2

If we calculate compound interest quaterly 


Time = Time in months / 3

Rate = Rate / 4

SSC GD quantitative aptitude - Profit Loss


 SSC CHSL quantitative aptitude - Profit Loss

When we sell for buy anything there is a profit or loss in this particular section we find different cases and drugs along with their formula how to find profit and loss will the mock test series is a series of video lectures also from where you can learn how to find the profit loss of this is the first video lecture the attached given below

Links to Purchase Live Classes    

Mock Test Series

Link to purchase Recorded Lecture

Que 1

By selling a radio for rupees 1440 a person gets a profit of 20% the cost price of the article

a) 1175

b) 1225

c) 1200

d) 1150

Ans ( c )

Que 2

A man buys 20 articles for a rupee how many articles for a rupee did he sell to get a loss of 20%

a) 28

b) 25

c) 24

d) 21

Ans ( b ) 

Que 3

A man buys two hens  for rupees 500 each he sold one for 15% profit and other for 5% loss find his profit percent

a) 5%

b) 10%

c) 15%

d) 12%

Ans (a )

Que 4

A trader professes to sell his goods at cost price but he uses a false weight of 800 gram for 1 kg find his gain percent

a) 25%

b) 21%

c) 18%

d) 16%

Ans ( a )

Que 5

A trader sells two watches he has a profit of of 15% on the first watch and a loss of 10% on the second watch if the ratio of the two investment is  3:5 what is the gain or loss on the to investment taken together

a) 0.675%gain

b) 0.5 % loss

c) 0.675 % loss

d) 0.5% gain 

Ans (c )

Que 6

A buys  an article and sells it to B at a profit of 10% B  sell it to C gaining 20% C pays rupees 1848 for the article find the cost price of A

a) 1400

b) 1428

c) 1560

d) 1540

Ans (a )

Que 7

Trader mark his product 30% above cost price He sells the product and allow 10% trade discount in order to ensure prompt payment he further gives cash discount of 10% if he makes profit of Rs 106 from the transaction find the cost price of the product 

a) 1800

b) 2000

c) 1600

d) 2400

Ans ( b )

Que 8

After successive discounts of 30% 20% and 10% a customer has to pay rupees 252 what is the list price of the article

a) 400

b) 500

c) 600

d) 350

Ans (b)

Que 9

What percent  selling price would be 34% of cost price if gross profit is 26% of selling price

a) 25.16%

b) 74%

c) 17.16%

d) 88.40%

Ans ( a) 

Que 10 

Sketch discount is 10% a book bought for rupees 9 is valued at

a) 12

b) 11

c) 10

d) 8

Ans ( c) 

Basic formula of profit and loss

profit =SP-CP

Loss= CP-SP



SSC Chsl quantitative aptitude - HCF and LCM

 HCF and LCM Of Two Numbers 

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Lecture 1

HCF using Prime Factorisation

Find the HCF of 225  using factor tree or  the prime factorization

Find HCF and LCM of 8,9,25 using prime factorization method

Find HCF and LCM of 26 and 91 and verify the formula
HCF×LCM= product of numbers 

If HCF of 306 and 657 is 9 find the LCM of 306 and 657

How to find HCF and LCM of 


-- using prime factorisation method

---using long division method 

---of the numbers which are written in decimal form

2.4, (HCF)


--Of  numbers in fractions

2/3,4/5,6/7 (HCF)

1/3,2/9,5/6,4/27( LCM ) 

If number are given in exponent form 




In order to understand how to solve above watch the attached lectur

Lecture ---

What is the greatest number which divides the two numbers  110and 128 and leaving same  remainder 2 in each case

What is the greatest number which divides the two numbers 307 and 330  and leaving the different remainders 3 and 7  respectively 

Which greatest number will divide 3026 and 5053 leaving a remainder 11 and 13

Problem ---
Karishma is making fruit basket 30 apples 24 banana and 12 oranges what is the maximum number of baskets she would make if each type of fruit  equally distributed

There are 40 girls and 32 boys who participate in race  each  team has same s number of girls and boys what will be the greatest number  of team 

A rectangular Courtyard is 20 m 16 cm long and 15m 60cm broad it is made with square stones of same size find the number of stones

Lecture --

Five bells are started ringing at the same time and again rung  at the intervals of  6,7,8,9,12 time then after how much time all the bells are ringing at  same time

Three bells  rings at  intervals of 6 ,24 ,28 seconds  if they rang together at 1 p.m. then and how many times they ring  in one hour altogether

Lecture 6

Tricks in HCF And LCM must watch

Find the smallest digit which when divided by 5, 10 ,12 and 15 and the remainder of 2 but when we divided by 7 there is no remainder

 If ratio of the two numbers  is 5:6  If their HCF is 4 find their LCM 

Lecture 7

Find the greatest four digit number which when divided by 12,15,18,27  is completely divided

Find the smallest 5 digit number which when divided by 3,5,8,12 gives always a remainder of 2

Find the smallest 5 digit number which is completely divisible by 12 ,18 and 21

Find the greatest number which when divided by 1356 ,1868 ,2764 always gives a remainder of 12

Find the smallest digit which when divided by 12 ,18 and 30 always gives remainder of 9

Find the greatest digit when divided by 25, 73 and 92 always give the same reminder

Finder greatest number which when divided by 307 and 330 gives the remainder of 3 and 7

Find the smallest digit number which when divided by 12, 15 and 16 gives remainder of 7, 10 and 11

SSC CHSL quantitative aptitude - Geometry रेखा गणित

 SSC CHSL quantitative aptitude - Geometry

Lines and Angles 

Part 1

 Square वर्ग
What is the formula for the perimeter of a square = 4 × side
how we find the area of a square = side ×side
what is the formula for diagonal of a square =side√2
Complete application of a square along with question as explained in the given lecture

Part 2

Triangle त्रिभुज
There are different types of triangles based on the length of their sides
Scalene triangle
 the triangle in which all the sides are not equal to each other is called a scalene triangle
isosceles triangle 
the triangle in which two sides are equal to each other is called isosceles triangle equilateral triangle 
The triangle in which all the three sides of a triangle are equal to each other is known as equilateral triangle

Based on the angles formed by the triangle these are also different types
Acute angle triangle in which one of the angle is less than 90
Right angle triangle in which one of the angle of the triangle is equal to 90 degree
Obtuse angle triangle triangle in which one of the angle of the triangle is greater than 90
If we want to find the perimeter of the triangle area of the triangle for different Types of the triangle watch the whole video attached given below
The perimeter of the triangle is equal to sum of the sides of the triangle
The area of the triangle can be calculated by using different formula varies from triangle triangle generally we can obtain the area of triangle using the heroes formula for by multiplying the half with the base and height of the triangle

Herons formula to calculate area of triangle

Part 3 

Cube घन

Cube 3 dimensional shape in which length breadth height all are equal to each other
We can find the surface area and the volume of the cube
Surface area of cube = 6*Length*length
Volume of the cube is equal to = (length)^3

Part 4 

Surface area  of Cuboid धनाभ

Cuboid  is also a three dimensional figure in which length breadth height are not equal to each other
Surface area of cuboid
Volume of cuboid

Part 5

Rectangle and Rhombus आयत तथा समचतुर्भुज

Rectangle and rhombus all four sides but difference between them is in the rectangle the opposite sides are equal but in the rhombus all the four sides are equal to each other more over in rectangle the angle between two sides is equal to 90 degree but it rhombus it varies it may be equal to 90 degree or not moreover the diagonals of rectangle and rhombus cut each other at a point in case of rectangle the length of the diagonals are equal to each other but in case of rhombus the length of diagonals differ from each other in the video attached given below explain the different formulas of rectangle and rhombus in order to calculate their perimeter and area

Part 6

Area of four walls

General question answers in our examination find the area of four walls in order to whitewash them formula for finding the area of four walls is explained in the given lecture but I also give you

Part 7
Parallelogram समलम्ब

Parallelogram is a type of closed figure having four sides in which two opposite sides are equal and parallel to each other
Educational lecture attached below eye explain what are different properties of parallelogram how will we find the area of parallelogram for different cases

Part 8 

Cylinder बेलन

Curved surface area of cylinder =2πrh
Volume of cylinder=π*r*r*h

Part 9 

Cone  शंकु

Part 10
Mock Test series on Lines and Angles

Part 11

How to solve closed polygons

Part 12 

SSC quantitative aptitude - Number System

 SSC quantitative aptitude - Number System

Trick to multiply two numbers 

Mock Test Series

Que 1 ---

How to convert any number in binary digit

Convert 101 in binary digit

किसी भी संख्या को बाइनरी डिजिट में कैसे बदलते हैं

25 को बाइनरी अको मे लिखिए

Que 2 --

If 79x0000 1y6 find value of x and y 

दी गई संख्या में x  तथा y का मान बताइए--- 79x00001y6

Que 3---

If an angle is 2/  3 of its supplementary angle find the value of angle

एक और अपने अनुपूरक का 2 /30 कोणहै तो कोण का मान बताइए

Que 4 

Selling price of an object is rupes 855 after discount of 5% find the cost price of the object

यदि 5 % की छूट के बाद विक्रय मूल्य ₹855 है वस्तु का अंकित मूल्य ज्ञात कीजिए

Que 5 ---

Which of equation has real roots

निम्न समीकरण में किस समीकरण के  मान वास्तविक हैं

1) 4x²-9x+6

2) 3x²-2x+6

3) 2x²-7x+6

4)2x²-2x +2


Lecture 2

Questions covered in given lecture 

Que 1----

2x+6y = 3xy 

10x -3y= 4xy

The value of x,y is 

a) 3,2

b) 2,3

c) 4,6

d) 6,4

Que 2--

बिंदु Q(a,b) प्रथम yअक्ष पर Q1 पर  प्रतिबिंबित होता है फिर x अक्ष(-5,3)  पर प्रतिबंबित होता है (a,b) का मान बताइए

Point  Q is  reflected on y-axis at Q1 and then on x axis at (-5,3) then find value of (a,b)

Mock Test series

Part 1

Divisibilty Rule

नीचे दिए गए वीडियो में विभाजिता के नियम को समझाया गया है जैसे 


कोई भी गिनती 2 से भाग होगी जब आखरी win32 से भागो या आखरी में जो 2,4,6,8 या 0हो

4 कोई भी गिनती 4 से जब होगी जब आखरी की दो संख्याएं 4 से भाग हो जाए

कोई भी गिनती 5  से भाग होगी जब आप आखिरी में 5 या 0 हो

3,11,8 से भाग होने वाली गिनती के लिए पूरा वीडियो देखें

Part 2

How to find total number of factors and total number of even or odd factors

Part 3
Total number of digits in between two numbers

How many digits are in between 3 and 200 which are divisible by 7

3और 200  के बीच 7 से विभाज्य कितनी प्राकृतिक संख्याएं होंगी

a) 27 

b) 28

c) 29

d) 26

Ans (b) 

How many digits are there in between 20 to 1000 which are divisible by 3

20और 1000 के बीच 3से विभाजित कितने प्राकृतिक संख्याएं होंगी
a) 326
b) 327
c) 328
d) 989

Ans (b) 

Part 4
How much distance travelled by a object in particular time

एक बंदर 12 मीटर लंबे खाने पर 1 मिनट में चढ़ता है तथा दूसरा मिनट में आधा मीटर नीचे फिसल जाता है बंदर कितने मिनट में शिखर पर पहुंचेगा

1) 44
3) 36
4) None of these

Part 5

Tricks to solve algebraic equations

If  x= √5-√4 

Then find 1/ x 

Part 5

to find which number comes in unit place after squarring that number

1) if last digit is 0 then 0

2) if last digit is 1or 9 then last digit is 1

     1*1=1 and 9*9= 81

we can observe in both cases we get 1at unit place

3) if last digit is 2 or 8 then in ans we have 4 at unit place

    2*2 =4 and 8*8=64

so we got 4 at unit place

SSC Quantitative Aptitude - Average

 SSC Quantitative Aptitude - Average

Data Interpretation


Which car constitute 20% of total car produced in 2015


Topic covered in lecture attached below

1) how to find mean

माध्य किस प्रकार निकालते हैं

2) fomula for median for both cases even and odd

संख्या विषम संख्या दोनों ही स्थिति में मध्यिका कैसे निकालते हैं

3) how to find mode of any data

बहुलक किसे कहते हैं तथा बहुलक किस प्रकार निकालते हैं

Questions explained 

यदि 5 वस्तुओं का माध्य 6 है तथा 3 वस्तु का माध्य 4 है तो बची हुई दो वस्तुओं का माध्य क्या होगा

Mean of five things is 6 is mean of 3 things is 4 then find the mean of two things

किसी कक्षा में कुल 100 बच्चे  है इनके वजन का माध्य 45 किलोग्राम है यदि एक अध्यापक जिनका वजन 48 किलोग्राम है उनको भी जोड़ दिया जाए तो नया माध्य  क्या होगा

In a class of hundred students the mean of their weight is 45 kg if one teacher whose weight is 48 kg is also added then what is the new mean

किसी कक्षा में कुल 100 बच्चे हैं जिनकी वजन का मात्र 45 किलोग्राम है यदि एक बच्चा जिसका वजन 44 किलोग्राम  है वह चला जाए तब नया माध्य  क्या होगा

In a class of hundred students they are made of 45 kg child having weight 44 kg left the class what is the new mean of the weight of the student

माध्य कैसे  निकालते है?

यदि 5 संख्याओं का योग 250 है तो औसत  बताइए

SSC Quantitative Aptitude - Percentage Fraction - Ratio and Proportion

 SSC Quantitative Aptitude - Percentage

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Mock Test Series

Que 1

If income of A is 10% more than income of B so B's income is less than A's income by

a) 7¹/2%

b) 8¹/3%

c) 10%

d) 9¹/11%

Ans ( d )

Que 2

3 litres of water is added to 15 litres of alcohol in the water solution containing 40% of alcohol  strength of alcohol in the new solution will be

a) 33¹/3%

b) 33%

c) 30%

d) 31%

Ans ( a)

Que 3

The price of a book is first increased by 20% then decreased by 10% of the price of the book is now rupees 216 what was the original price of the book

a) 250

b) 200

c) 150

d) 300

Ans (b )

Que 4

An examination of certain number of questions a student reply 24 out of 25 questions correctly of the remaining questions he answered to 5th correctly all the questions have the same credit if the student get 75 percentage marks what are the total number of questions in the examination

a) 49

b) 45

c) 40

d) 42

Ans (c )

Que 5

In a class 40% of the student are the boys 70% of the boys score more than 80% marks in a test if 45% of the class is ko more than 80% in the test what fraction of the girls in the class scores less than or equal to 80%

a) 1/3

b) 2/3

c) 7/10

d) 5/6

Ans (c)

Que 6

A series of discounts  of 20% 10% and 10% is equivalent to a single discount

a) 40%

b) 35%

c) 30%

d) 45%

Ans (b )

Que 7

In measuring  the sides of a rectangular plot one side is taken 5% in excess and other 6% deficient  the error percentage in area of the plot is

a) 1%

b) 1.3 %

c) 1.5%

d) 3%

Ans (b)

Que 8

20% of a =  25% of b=  30%  of c = 10% of d =k>1, then the largest of 2a,3b,6c,and d is 

a) 2a

b) 3b

c) 6c

d) d

Ans (c )

Que 9

A person spends 40% of his salary on his educational expenses He spends 60% of it  in purchasing books and one half of the remaining in purchasing stationery items if he saves rupees 160 every month which is one fourth of the balance after spending over books and stationery items what is his monthly salary

a) 8000

b) 4800

c) 9600

d) none 

Ans (a )

Que 10

The price of oil is reduced by 5% how many litres of oil can now be bought for the money which was sufficient to buy 38 litres of oil earlier

a) 42.5 L

b ) 42 L

c) 40L

d) 40.5 L

Ans (c)

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