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Quantitative Aptitude (Maths and Reasoning)

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"Master mathematical problem-solving skills with 'Quantitative Aptitude in English' - your key to acing exams and boosting your number crunching abilities!"



Quantitative Aptitude in English is a comprehensive course that focuses on enhancing your mathematical and problem-solving skills. In this course, you will learn various quantitative aptitude topics, including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, percentages, ratios, and more. Through interactive lessons and practical examples, you will develop strong analytical and logical reasoning abilities, which are essential for competitive exams, such as bank exams, government job exams, and MBA entrance exams.

Key Highlights:

  • Master quantitative aptitude concepts and techniques.
  • Learn shortcuts and strategies to solve problems quickly.
  • Practice with a wide range of numerical problems and aptitude tests.
  • Get expert guidance and tips from experienced instructors.
  • Boost your confidence to ace competitive exams.

What you will learn:

  • Basic Arithmetic:
    This module covers essential arithmetic topics like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You will learn to perform calculations accurately and efficiently.
  • Algebra:
    In this module, you will understand algebraic concepts, equations, and inequalities. You will learn how to solve linear and quadratic equations, simplify expressions, and work with algebraic identities.
  • Geometry:
    This module focuses on geometric principles and shapes. You will study lines, angles, triangles, circles, polygons, and solid figures. You will learn to solve problems related to areas, volumes, and coordinate geometry.
  • Percentages and Ratios:
    In this module, you will explore the concepts of percentages, profit and loss, simple and compound interest, and ratio and proportion. You will understand how to apply these concepts to solve real-world problems.
  • Data Interpretation:
    This module covers techniques to interpret and analyze data presented in various forms like tables, graphs, charts, and diagrams. You will learn to draw conclusions, make predictions, and solve problems based on data sets.

Key Highlights

Develop strong foundation in basic arithmetic

Learn advanced quantitative problem-solving techniques

Improve speed and accuracy in data interpretation

Master tricks for quick mental calculations

Enhance problem-solving skills under time pressure

Practice a wide range of quant questions in English

Gain confidence in quantitative aptitude tests

Prepare effectively for competitive exams

What you will learn

Addition and Subtraction Skills

Master the techniques for quick and accurate addition and subtraction calculations.

Multiplication and Division Proficiency

Improve your skills in multiplying and dividing numbers efficiently.

Percentage and Ratio Comprehension

Understand how to work with percentages and ratios in various mathematical problems.

Problem-Solving Strategies

Develop effective problem-solving approaches for quantitative aptitude questions.


Test Your Self

10 attachments


Quiz 1 - Number System

Quiz 2 - HCF

Quiz 3 - LCM

Quiz 4- Probability

Quiz 5- Time and Work

Quiz - 5 Ratio and Proportion

Quiz 6 Train

Verbal Ability

Quiz Antonym

Number system,HCF,Age Based

13 attachments • 41 mins

Concept Base

Divisibilty Rule

Introduction of Number system and Divisibilty Rule

Divisibilty Rule Continued

Divisibilty rule of 2,3,4,5,6,9,10,11 @sonikaanandacademy

How to find number at unit digit @Sonika Anand Academy

How to find number of handshakes@sonikaananacademy


Decimal Basic Concepts

Decimal - Competitive Questions

Competitive Questions

Conversion of recurring decimal to fraction @sonikaanandacademy

How to find total number of factors@sonikaanandacademy

Square Root Cube Root

5 attachments • 40 mins

Square root@sonikaanandacademy

Trick how to find square ||@sonikaanandacademy

how to find square root by long division method |sonikaanandacademy

square root ,cube root tricks @sonikaanandacademy

cube root || cuberoot निकालने की ट्रिक|| @sonikaanandacademy


4 attachments

Fraction part 1

fraction class 2

Fraction class3

Fraction Class 4 Word Problems


4 attachments • 59 mins

Concept Base Lecture

percentage part 1

percentage part 2

Formula Trick

Ratio and Proportion

8 attachments • 1 hrs

Ratio and proportion- Basic Concepts

Ratio and proportion@Sonika Anand Academy

Ratio And Proportion@Sonika Anand Academy



Ratio and proportion continued

Ratio and proportion@sonikaanandacademy

Newlecture 1


11 attachments • 1 hrs

exponent basic@sonikaanandacademy

Exponent how to find big or small|@sonikaanand academy

exponent simplification@sonikaanandacademy

exponent continued @sonikaanand

exponent @sonikaanandacademy

exponent competitive question@sonikaanandacademy


How to find Bigger Surds@sonikaanandacademy

Surds and indices||करणी@sonikaanandacademy

Maths and Reasoning Tricks ||surds@sonikaanandacademy

maths and reasoning tricks |surds ||algebra@sonikaanandacademy


6 attachments • 2 hrs

Number system ||HCF ||LCM part 1||trick based questions @sonikaanandacademy

HCF and LCM revision in one shot

HCF And LCM @sonikaanandacademy @sonikaanandacademy

HCF part 2@sonikaanandacademy

HCF LCM in hindi @sonikaanandacademy

Number system part 4|| HCF , LCM @sonikaanandacademy

Profit and Loss

13 attachments • 1 hrs

Concept Base Lecture

Lecture 1@Sonika Anand Academy

Lecture 2@sonikaanandacademy

profit and Loss

Lecture 3@Sonika Anand Academy

Lecture 4@Sonika Anand Academy

Lecture 5@Sonika Anand Academy

Lecture 6@Sonika Anand Academy

Lecture 7@Sonika Anand Academy

Lecture 9@Sonika Anand Academy

Lecture 10@Sonika Anand Academy

new lecture 1


CI and SI installments

8 attachments • 52 mins

Concept Base Lectures

simple interest basic video

Lecture 1@Sonika Anand Academy

simple interest and compound interest || part 1|•चक्रविधि ब्याज ||@sonikaanandacademy

how many years principal becomes 9 times

compound Interest

Test paper on Simple Interest and Compound Interest

Simple Interest Series

4 pages

Train Boat and Stream

5 attachments • 1 hrs

Questions on train Part 1 @sonikaanandacademy

Questions on train continued @sonikaanandacademy

Stream and Boat Questions@sonikaanandacademy

Maths and reasoning || boat and stream @sonikaanandacademy

new lecture 1


5 attachments • 1 mins

Lecture 1@sonikaanandacademy

Average video lecture 1

Average video lecture

Average video lecture 3

Average video lecture 4


2 attachments • 20 mins

Concept Base Lecture

Lecture 1@Sonika Anand Academy

Time and Work

7 attachments • 37 mins

Test Series

3 pages

Time and work ||कार्य और समय | part 1tricks @sonikaanandacademy

ssc cgl quantitative aptitude ||Time and Work in Hindi @sonikaanandacademy

ssc cgl quantitative aptitude Time and work in Hindi @sonikaanandacademy

Time and work @sonikaanandacademy

Time and work

Time and Work

Age Based Questions

3 attachments • 23 mins

Maths and reasoning tricks in hindi ||age based questions@sonikaanandacademy

Age based problem # trick in aptitude@sonikaanandacademy

Aptitude ||age based questions in Hindi@sonikaanandacademy


2 attachments • 11 mins

Lecture 1

expansions of algebra @sonikaanandacademy


11 attachments • 3 hrs

Cube and cuboid

Lines and Angles @sonikaanandacademy

Cube and Cuboid ( Surface Area)

cube cuboid continued

cylinder (surface areas and volumes )

cylinder (curved surface area)

cylinder (volume )

Cone part 1

Cone part 2

Sphere(Surface Area)


Permutation and Combinations

5 attachments • 1 hrs

Concept Base Lectures

Lecture 1@sonikaanandacademy

Lecture 2 @sonikaanandacademy

Lecture 3@sonikaanandacademy

Lecture 4@Sonika Anand Academy

Arithmetic progression

5 attachments • 2 mins

Basic Concept

arithmetic series ||sonikaanand|trick

Sample Paper Class 10 - Arithmetic progression 1

Sample Paper Class 10 - Arithmetic progression 2

Sample Paper - Arithmetic Progression 3


10 attachments • 1 hrs

probability ‎@Sonika Anand Academy

Question based on coin @Sonika Anand Academy

Card problems@sonikaanandacademy

Questions based on balls@sonikaanandacademy

single dice problems@Sonika Anand Academy

Questions based on double dice @sonikaanandacademy

Conditional Probability@Sonika Anand Academy

probability@Sonika Anand Academy

Expectations in probability

Expectations in probability

Coordinate Geometry

6 attachments • 2 hrs

Concept Base Lectures

Introduction @sonikaanandacademy

Distance Formula

Section formula

Area of Triangle

Shifting of Origin@sonikaanandacademy

Straight Line

8 attachments • 1 hrs

How to find slope of a line @sonikaanandacademy

Different form of straight line@sonikaanandcademy

Questions based on Different forms of Line@Sonika Anand Academy

Intercept form @Sonika Anand Academy

How to find parallel or perpendicular line @sonikaanandacademy

Angle between two lines@sonikaanandacademy

How to find distance between two parallel lines@sonikaanandacademy

Position of a point with respect to line@sonikaanandacademy


3 attachments • 9 mins


Calendar tricks || part 2|@sonikaanandacademy

mathematical operations ssc cgl @sonikaanandacademy

special Video

2 attachments • 7 mins

SSC CHSL quantitative aptitude -percentage @sonikaanandacademy

# simple interest and compound interest ||Tricks


1 attachment

Lecture 1

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