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<p>Master the Art of English Grammar and Unlock the Power of Effective Communication</p>


<p><strong>Description:</strong></p><p>English Grammar is a comprehensive course that focuses on the rules and structures of the English language. This course is designed to help learners understand and apply grammar concepts accurately and effectively. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, this course will enhance your grammatical skills and improve your overall proficiency in English.</p><p><strong>Key Highlights:</strong></p><ul><li>In-depth coverage of grammar principles</li><li>Interactive exercises and quizzes</li><li>Practical examples and real-life applications</li><li>Tips and tricks for mastering English grammar</li></ul><p><strong>What you will learn:</strong></p><ul><li><strong>Introduction to English Grammar</strong><br/>This module provides an overview of English grammar, including parts of speech, sentence structure, and basic grammar rules.</li><li><strong>Noun and Pronoun</strong><br/>Learn about nouns and pronouns, their types, and how to use them correctly in sentences.</li><li><strong>Verb and Tense</strong><br/>Understand verbs, tenses, and their usage in different contexts.</li><li><strong>Adjectives and Adverbs</strong><br/>Explore adjectives and adverbs, their roles in language, and how to use them effectively.</li></ul>


Subject and Predicate

1 attachment

Lecture 1

Types of Sentences

2 attachments • 20 mins

types of sentences@sonikaanandacademy

How to change simple sentence into negative sentence@sonikaanandacademy

Articles and Determiners

1 attachment • 10 mins

Determinar @sonikaanandacademy

Parts of Speech

6 attachments • 45.41 mins


Noun case

pronoun @sonikaanandacademy


adjective Grammer@sonikaanandacademy



4 attachments • 17 mins

How to find tense used in sentence||PET @sonikaanandacademy

Present Indefinite||part 1@sonikaanandacademy

present continuous

English Grammer ||perfect tense@sonikaanandacademy

Active Passive Voice

2 attachments • 21 mins

Active and passive voice ||Transformation of sentences@sonikaanandacademy

Imperative Sentences

Reported Speech

4 attachments • 47 mins

Direct indirect speech@sonikaanandacademy

Direct and indirect speech part 2

English Grammar||Direct Indirect ||Imperative sentences@sonikaanandacademy

Direct Indirect@sonikaanandacademy

Sentence Transformation

5 attachments • 1 hrs

How to change simple sentence into negative sentence@sonikaanandacademy

comparative and superlative.

Synthesis of sentences||using participles@sonikaanandacademy

simple compound and complex sentence ||English grammar

Transformation of sentences| positive to comparative and superlative.

Subject Verb Concord

1 attachment • 4 mins

Infinitive, gerund, participle infinite verb@sonikaanandacademy


1 attachment • 8 mins

modals#english grammar@sonikaanandacademy

Letter Writing

1 attachment • 10 mins

letter to editor

Figure of Speech

1 attachment • 10 mins

figure of speech ||english grammar||@sonikaanandacademy

Spoken English

1 attachment • 40 mins

अंग्रेजी कैसे बोलें?, बस ये 100 Spoken English Questions Answers रट लो |


2 attachments • 2 mins

Since and for

Do ,Does,Did

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