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Class 12 physics

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<p>&quot;Master the laws of the universe with Class 12 Physics: Unleash the power of knowledge and conquer the mysteries of the physical world.&quot;</p>



Class 12 physics

Key Highlights:

  • Course material curated for students studying physics in Class 12

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to Physics
    Gain an understanding of the basic principles and concepts of physics.
  • Mechanics
    Study motion, forces, and energy in this fundamental branch of physics.
  • Electricity and Magnetism
    Explore the principles of electricity and magnetism, covering topics such as circuits, electromagnetic waves, and electromagnetism.
  • Optics
    Learn about light, lenses, and the behavior of light waves.
  • Modern Physics
    Discover the theories of relativity, quantum mechanics, and atomic and nuclear physics.


Electric Charges and Fields

31 attachments • 2 hrs

Ncert Text Book

50 pages

Video Lectures

Quantisation of charges@sonikaanandacademy

Quantatization of charges Numerical

Assignment 1

electric charges and fields@sonikaanandacademy

Coulombs Law Numerical ||numerical @sonikaanandacademy

continous charge distribution


The superposition principle

Electric field intensity


Electric field intensity at a point which is on axis of dipole

electric field intensity at a equitorial point due to a dipole@sonikaanandacademy

Electric dipole@ sonikaanandacademy

Dipole Moment and Torque @sonikaanandacademy

Derive Torque on a Dipole in an electric field @sonikaanandacademy

Numerical on electric field Intensity

Numerical on Electric field intensity

Numerical on Electric field intensity Continued

Electric field intensity part 1

Quiz 2

Electric Flux

What is electric flux @sonikaanandacademy

NCERT solutions class 12 physics Electric potential ||Gauss Theorem @sonikaanandacademy

Electric field intensity due to plates@Sonika Anand Academy


Dpp Que 1

Electric charges Dpp

10 pages

Electric field Intensity DPP

4 pages

Electric Dipole

13 pages

Electrostatic potential and Capacitance

30 attachments • 4 hrs

Electric Potential

Electrostatics potential @sonikaanandacademy

Derive formula for potential difference@Sonika Anand Academy

Derive formula for potential difference@Sonika Anand Academy

Electric potential at centre of Spherical Shell@Sonika Anand Academy

what is electric potential explanation with numerical@Sonika Anand Academy

Mock Test Series Electrostatics ||potential@sonikaanandacademy

Tricks for numerical on Potential@Sonika Anand Academy

Electrostatic Potential DPP

16 pages


capacitance || electro static potential and capacitance@sonikaanandacademy

Definition of capacitance and capacitor @Sonika Anand Academy

what is net capacitance when they arrange in series or in parallel @sonikaanandacademy

Numerical on combination of capacitors @ Sonika Anand Academy

Capacitance Numericals when connected in series and parallel @Sonika Anand Academy

Numerical -- capacitance series and parallel @sonikaanandacademy

capacitance|| numerical continued@sonikaanandacademy

Capacitance on Parallel plate Capacitor

capacitance ||parallel plate capacitor @sonikaanandacademy

Numerical on Parallel Plate capacitor @Sonika Anand Academy


Dpp Que 1

capacitance Dpp

17 pages

Gauss Theorem

Gauss Theorem Notes

8 pages

Gauss Theorem and Electric potential @Sonika Anand Academy

Gauss Theorem DPP

8 pages


Mock Test Series Potential@Sonika Anand Academy

Electric potential Test Series@Sonika Anand Academy

Current Electricity

32 attachments • 1 hrs

Drift Velocity@Sonika Anand Academy

mohit Drift velocity trial

drift speed@sonikaanandacademy

Electric current ||Drift velocity Introduction@sonikanandacademy


Dpp Que 1

Electric Current Dpp

16 pages


Resistance, specific resistance, specific conductance @Sonika Anand Academy

specific Resistance or Restivity


Kirchoff law

Kirchoff law Notes

6 pages

Kirchoff law Dpp

36 pages

how to find the equivalent resistance when connected in series@Sonika Anand Academy

Combination of Resistance || Electricity || Numericals@Sonika Anand Academy

How to find Resistance -- Numerical @Sonika Anand Academy

Restivity and Power

electric cell numerical

Combination of cells numericals @Sonika Anand Academy

Combination of cells numericals @Sonika Anand Academy

Electric cell combination Dpp

11 pages


8 pages

Meter Bridge

Mohit 3

mohit 3 2

mohit 5

mohit class 6


Restivity Power and work Numericals@Sonika Anand Academy

Power Dpp

12 pages

Dpp Que 1

Moving Charges and Magnetism

19 attachments • 2 hrs

Orested Experiment

Biot Savart Law

Magnetic field Notes

13 pages

Magnetic Field Dpp

18 pages

lorentz force part 1

Lorentz Force

Theory of Lorentz Force

11 pages

Find force acting between two parallel current carrying wires @Sonika Anand Academy

Bivot savart and parallel wire numericals

Faraday law


part 1

Machines part 2

class 1

16 march

force between two parallel wires

Conversion of galvanometer to ammeter or voltmeter @ Sonika Anand Academy

Torque DPP

21 pages

Magnetic moment

Magnetism and Matter

5 attachments • 16 mins

Magnetic Flux

Magnetic flux @Sonika Anand Academy

Magnetic Dipole ,Magnetic Bar ,Magnetic flux

15 pages

Earth Magnetic Field

Angle of dip || Angle of declination @ Sonika Anand Academy

Electromagnetic Induction

4 attachments • 48 mins

Electromagnetic Induction @sonikaanand academy

Electromagnetic Induction @sonikaanand academy

Electromagnetic Induction -Mutual Induction @Sonika Anand Academy

Self Induction and Formula Electromagnetic induction@Sonika Anand Academy

Alternating Current

6 attachments • 23 mins

Concept Base

Alternating Current in one shot @sonikaanandacademy

alternating current class 12@sonikaanandacademy


Transformer@Sonika Anand Academyacademy

Numerical on LCR circuit Question from Model Paper

Electromagnetic Waves

3 attachments • 23 mins

Concept Base

Numericals on Electromagnetic wave@Sonika Anand Academy

What is the relationship between electric field and magnetic field its formula and American @Sonika Anand Academy

Ray Optics and optical Instrument

52 attachments • 6 hrs

Reflection and Refraction

Reflection of light @Sonika Anand Academy

Refraction of light || physics@Sonika Anand Academy

Numerical on Reflection and Refraction

Mirror Formula Basic Concepts @Sonika Anand Academy

what is reflection of light @sonikaanandacademy

Numerical on Concave and Convex lens @Sonika Anand Academy

Questions on Concave and Convex Mirror Formula @sonikaanand academy

Light|| Number of images formed@sonikaanandacademy

Test series on numericals containing different topics@Sonika Anand Academy

Recording - parth 1

Test series on Reflection of Light iit mcq

Refractive Index

Refractive index Introduction@Sonika Anand Academy

Refractive index continued@ sonikaanandacademy

Numerical on snell Lawand Refractive Index

Snell law numerical

Apparent depth and shift of object

Refractive index MCQ@Sonika Anand Academy

Refractive index in one shot Concept and Numerical - Ray optics

Lateral Displacement

Lateral displacement | refraction of light |@sonikaanandacademy

Total Internal Reflection

Critical angle@Sonika Anand Academy

critical angle Numerical 12

Total internal reflection@Sonika Anand Academy

Total internal reflection in prism at different angles @sonikaanandacademy

Numerical on total internal reflection

Numerical on Refraction

prism ||Relation between angle of prism to angle of minimum deviation@sonikaanandacademy

Prism @Sonika Anand Academy

prism continued,angle of minimum deviation@Sonika Anand Academy

Relation between refractive index and prism formula@Sonika Anand Academy

Spectrum || numericals @Sonika Anand Academy

Lenses refraction of light at a spherical surfaces

refraction of lens @Sonika Anand Academy

Ray diagram for convex lens

Ray diagram of lenses@Sonika Anand Academy

Refraction at Convex Spherical Surface

Newton's lens Maker formula numerical

Numerical on Combination of Lenses

Newton's formula for lens@sonikaanandacdemy

Numerical part 1

Numerical part 3

numerical 2

Light MCQ @Sonika Anand Academy00

Optical Instrument

Theory of Compound Microscope @ Sonika Anand Academy

Numerical Of Compound Microscope @Sonika Anand Academy

Lecture 1 @Sonika Anand Academy


Telescope 2

Wave optics

14 attachments • 2 hrs

interference Theory

Huygens Principle


Interference of light| English @Sonika Anand Academy

Path difference Formula @Sonika Anand Academy

What is interference of Light Theory in Hindi@Sonika Anand Academy

Interference of Light @Sonika Anand Academy

How to find fringe width in interference@Sonika Anand Academy

Formula for fringe width @Sonika Anand Academy

fringe width continued


Diffraction @Sonika Anand Academy

Numericals @Sonika Anand Academy

Diffraction @Sonika Anand Academy

Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter

13 attachments • 2 hrs

Photo Electric Effect

Lecture 1 @Sonika Anand Academy

Lecture 11 @Sonika Anand Academy

Lecture III @Sonika Anand Academy

Lecture 2 Numerical@sonikaanandacademy

Lecture 4 Numerical on KE @Sonika Anand Academy

Debroglie Wavelength

Lecture 1 @Sonika Anand Academy

Lecture 2 @Sonika Anand Academy


Ncert Solutions Que 1

Ncert solutions Que 2,Que 3,Que 4,Que 6,

Ncert Solutions Que 5 @sonikaanandacademy


16 attachments • 1 hrs

Hydrogen Spectrum

Theory of hydrogen spectrum@sonikaanandacademy

Lesson in one shot @sonikaanandacademy

orbital angular momentum @Sonika Anand Academy

How to find the formula of total energy and kinetic energy @sonikaanandacademy

How to find the Bohr radius@sonikaanandacademy

How to find the energy when the number of shell is given@Sonika Anand Academy

Formula to find the number of spectral lines@sonikaanandacademy.com

How to find the wave number @sonikaanandacademy

Numerical@Sonika Anand Academy

What is relationship between radius and shell of an hydrogen atom@sonikaanandacademy

How to find the wavelength and frequency @Sonika Anand Academy

Model Test Paper

Impact parameter and Distance of Closest approach

Energy level Diagram

must watch whole lesson


12 attachments • 2 hrs

Concept Base

Lecture 1 @Sonika Anand Academy

Mass defect and binding energy@Sonika Anand Academy

Lecture 3 @Sonika Anand Academy


Trick 1 @sonikaanandacademy


Lecture 1 @Sonika Anand Academy

Lecture 2 @Sonika Anand Academy

Lecture 3 @Sonika Anand Academy

Mock Test Series

Test Series 1 @sonikaanandacademy

Semiconductor Devices

15 attachments • 1 hrs

Concept Base

Lecture 1 @Sonika Anand Academy

Lecture 2@Sonika Anand Academy

Lecture 3 @Sonika Anand Academy

Lecture 4 forward and reverse bias - semiconductor devices

Lecture 5 transistor@sonikaanandacademy

Logic Gates

Lecture 1 Logic Gates @sonikaanandacademy

Lecture 2 Logic Gate @sonikaanandacademy

Lecture 3 @Sonika Anand Academy

Communication system @sonikaanandacademy

Latest Model Paper

LM 1



Previous year question answer

5 attachments

Set 1

12 pages

Solution Set 1

10 pages

Set 2

12 pages

Solution set 2

11 pages

physics sample

12 pages

Model Paper Questions

10 attachments



class 3

class 4

Live class 5

Live class 5

Full Wave Rectfer



Class 8


4 attachments

SL Arora part 1

S L Arora volume 1

1179 pages


SL Arora part 2

S.L. Arora class 12 volume 2

933 pages


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