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Class 11 Chemistry

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<p>Ignite your passion for chemistry with our comprehensive Class 11 Chemistry course and unlock the secrets of the molecular world!</p>



Class 11 Chemistry is a course that covers the fundamental concepts and principles of chemistry at the eleventh grade level. Students will learn about various topics such as atomic structure, chemical bonding, states of matter, chemical reactions, and more. This course serves as a solid foundation for students who wish to pursue higher studies or careers in fields related to chemistry.

Key Highlights:

  • In-depth coverage of important topics in chemistry.
  • Practical demonstrations and experiments to enhance understanding.
  • Interactive quizzes and assessments to test knowledge.
  • Access to supplementary study materials and resources.

What you will learn:

  • Atomic Structure:
    Understand the composition of atoms, electron configurations, and periodic trends.
  • Chemical Bonding:
    Explore different types of chemical bonds and their properties.
  • States of Matter:
    Learn about the behavior and characteristics of solids, liquids, and gases.
  • Chemical Reactions:
    Study the different types of chemical reactions and their stoichiometry.
  • Acids, Bases, and Salts:
    Comprehend the properties and behavior of acids, bases, and salts.
  • Organic Chemistry:
    Get an introduction to the basics of organic chemistry, including hydrocarbons, functional groups, and isomerism.
  • Environmental Chemistry:
    Understand the impact of chemical reactions on the environment and the importance of sustainable practices.



Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

15 attachments • 2 hrs

Significant Figures @sonikaanandacademy

laws of chemical combination@sonikaanandacademy

Gay Lussac Law@sonikaanandacademy

Class2Avogadro law, Molar volume , relative atomic mass

How to calculate no of moles

Numerical on STP and Molwt

How to calculate volume at STP

How to calculate number of molecules

How to calculate number of molecules continued

Molar Mass@sonikaanandacademy

How to find molarity|how to find normality|sonikaanand

empirical formula @sonikaanandacademy

law of limiting reagents||@sonikaanandacademy

Ncert Solutions class 11 - Basics of Chemistry ||lesson 1

Ncert Solutions class 11 - Basics of Chemistry ||lesson 1

Structure of Atom

21 attachments • 5 hrs

Dalton atomic theory@sonikaanandacademy

What are canal rays @Sonika Anand Academy

Isotope and isobar @sonikaanandacademy.

mass number numerical @sonikaanandacademy

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Numericals @Sonika Anand Academy

photoelectric effect @Sonika Anand Academy

photo electric effect Theory @Sonika Anand Academy

photoelectric effect. Numerical ||@Sonika Anand Academy

Hydrogen Spectrum theory@sonikaanandacademy

hydrogen spectrum||numerical@sonikaanandacademy

Quantum Numbers@sonikaanandacademy

De Broglie wavelength @Sonika Anand Academy

How to write electronic configuration||Afbau Principal

Ncert solutions

Lecture 1 @sonikaanand academy

Lecture 2 Que 22 ||Quantum Number @ sonikaanandacademy

Lecture 3 Que 8 @sonikaanandacademy

Lecture 4 @sonikaanandacademy

Lecture 5@sonikaanand academy

Lecture 6 @sonikaanandacademy

Classification of Elements and Periodic Properties

5 attachments • 33 mins

Doberinier Traids

Mendeleev periodic table@Sonika Anand Academy

Periodic Trends@Sonika Anand Academy

How to find group and period from electronic configuration@sonikaanandacademy.com

periodic live1

Chemical Bonding and Structure

13 attachments • 32.93 mins

Electrovalent Bonding

Ionic Bonding

Electrovalent compound

Formal Charge

Formal Charge


Chemical Bonding Bond Energy

Ionization Enthalpy@sonikaanandacademy

Valence Bond Theory

Sigma and pi bonding

bonding anti bonding

Anti Bonding and Bond Order

Bond Enthalpy@sonikaanandacademy

States of Matter

11 attachments • 55 mins

Gas Law

kinetic theory of gases numerical on Charles law@Sonika Anand Academy​

kinetic theory of gases Boyle's law @ sonikaanandacademy

Kinetic theory of gases @Sonika Anand Academy

Kinetic theory of gases numerical @sonikaanandacademy

Kinetic Theory Part 2

Kinetic theory of gases ||numerical on gas laws@sonikaanandacademy

Average velocity ,Root mean Square velocity

ncert solutions

ncert solutions continued

test 1 (1)

11 pages


5 attachments • 1 hrs

Introduction @ sonikaanandacademy

Heat capacity @sonikaanandacademy

Calorimetry@Sonika Anand Academy

First Law of Thermodynamics @Sonika Anand Academy

what is Gibbs free energy@Sonika Anand Academy


12 attachments • 47 mins

ostwald dilution law equlibrium class11 chemistry

19 december


21 pages

20 dec

Chemical Equilibrium

14 pages


22law of mass action

23 ph value

24 ph class11chemistry ph

26 sp


iit jee mock test series on ph buffer solution

Redox Reaction

5 attachments • 4 mins

Oxidation and Reduction

How to find oxidation number

oxidation and reduction reaction

How to balance a chemical equation using oxidation method

Aldehyde and ketone

Oxidation and Reduction @sonikaanandacademy

1 attachment


chemical reactions and equations||oxidation and reduction ||Chemistry @sonikaanandacademy

s block Elements

6 attachments • 2 hrs

s block elements || inorganic chemistry

Alkali part 1

S block elements part 2 - Alkali metals

s block elements@sonikaanandacademy

s block elements class 11

s block elements mcq class 11 chemistry @sonikaanandacademy

p Block Elements

Organic Chemistry

13 attachments • 1 hrs


Organic chemistry introduction about carbon

IUPAC nomenclature | organic chemistry |@sonikaanandacademy

functional groups||organic chemistry|| #sonikaanandacademy

homologous series|organic chemistry |@sonikaanandacademy

Isomerism- Structural Isomerism

stereo isomerism types

Geometrical Isomerism ||organic chemistry @sonikaanandacademy

Mechanism of organic Chemistry

inductive Effect

how to find Type of Hybridisation

Cleavage ofBond

Types ofAttacking Reagents


6 attachments • 6 mins


Alkanes Theory

introduction ofAlkanes

Wurtz Reaction @sonikaanandacademy

Ncert Solutions

Ncert Solutions Que 1

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