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In the Maths Class 12 CBSE Board course, you will delve into advanced mathematical concepts that are essential for mastering the subject at the senior secondary level. This course is designed to align with the syllabus prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the mathematical principles covered in Class 12. Throughout this course, you will explore topics such as relations and functions, algebra, calculus, probability, and more. You will learn to solve complex problems, analyze data, and develop critical thinking skills that are crucial for success in mathematics. The course will include multimedia resources, practice problems, and interactive quizzes to help you solidify your understanding of the key concepts. You will also have the opportunity to engage with experienced educators who will guide you through the material and provide personalized feedback to support your learning journey. By the end of the Maths Class 12 CBSE Board course, you will have gained the knowledge and skills needed to excel in your CBSE board exams and build a strong foundation for future studies in mathematics and related fields. Whether you are aiming for top scores or simply want to deepen your understanding of the subject, this course will help you achieve your academic goals.

Key Highlights

Algebraic concepts and operations

Trigonometry and its applications

Calculus: Differentiation and integration

Probability and statistics

Matrices and determinants

Coordinate geometry

Linear programming

Applications of calculus in real life

What you will learn

Concepts of calculus

Understanding the fundamental concepts of calculus, including limits, derivatives, and integrals.

Algebraic expressions and equations

Solving and simplifying algebraic expressions and equations, including quadratic equations and inequalities.

Probability and statistics

Exploring the concepts of probability and statistics, including calculating probabilities, analyzing data, and interpreting graphs.

Coordinate geometry

Understanding the relationship between algebra and geometry through the study of coordinate systems and graphs.


Exploring trigonometric functions, identities, and applications in solving triangles and analyzing periodic phenomena.

Transformational geometry

Learning about transformations in the plane, including translations, rotations, reflections, and dilations.

Vectors and three-dimensional geometry

Understanding vectors and their applications in three-dimensional space, including vector operations and equations of lines and planes.

Linear programming

Exploring optimization problems and analyzing systems of linear inequalities using linear programming techniques.

Probability distributions

Studying different probability distributions, such as binomial, geometric, and normal distributions.

Matrices and determinants

Learning about matrix operations, determinants, and their applications in solving systems of linear equations.


Relations and Functions

31 attachments • 5 hrs

Ncert Text Book

Maths Ncert Text Book - Relations and Functions

32 pages


Ncert Solutions

Ex 1.1 Que 1 @sonikaanandacademy


Ex 1.1 part 2 @sonikaanandacademy


Exercise 1.2 @sonikaanandacademy


Exercise 1.2 part 2 @sonikaanandacademy


Exercise 1.3 Que 1 @sonikaanandacademy


Exercise 1.3 Que 6 @ sonikaanandacademy


Exercise 1.3 Que 9 @sonikaanandacademy


Exercise 1.4 Que 1 @sonikaanandacademy


Exercise 1.4 Que 4 @sonikaanandacademy


Concept Base Lectures

equivalence relation@sonikaanandacademy


equivalence relation part 2@sonikaanandacademy


equivalence relation part 3@sonikaanandacademy


equivalence relation part 4@sonikaanandacademy


Fog ,gof composition of function@sonikaanandacademy


How to find fog ,gof,fof,gog


Binary composition ex 1.4 maths @sonikaanandacademy

Inverse of a function @sonikaanandacademy


oneone ,many one into and onto@sonikaanandacademy


Bijective or Injective function@Sonika Anand Academy


Domain and Range of modulus function @sonikaanandacademy


Sample Papers

Function and Relation Test paper 2

2 pages


Solution of Test paper 2

11 pages

Functions and Relations Model Test paper 2022

6 pages


Model Test Papers For Practice

Model Test Paper solutions

Model Test Paper Relation and Function

Inverse Trigonometric Functions

13 attachments • 44 mins

Ncert Text Book

Ncert Text Book - Inverse Trigonometric Functions

23 pages

Concept Base Lectures

Exercise 2.1 @Sonika Anand Academy

Exercise 2.2 @sonikaanandacademy

Exercise 2.2 Que11..

Lecture 2@sonikaanandacademy

Lecture 3 @sonikaanandacademy

jee nta tricks @sonikaanandacademy

Maximum and Minimum values of trigonometric function@Sonika Anand Academy

Sample papers

Inverse Trigonometry Function Sample Paper

3 pages

Model Test Paper solutions Trigonometric solutions


26 attachments • 2 hrs

Ncert Text Book

Ncert Text Book - Matrices

47 pages

Concept Base Lectures

How to construct matrices@sonikaanandacademy

How to find unknown quantity@sonikaanandacademy

Free Study Material

Recording - Ncert Solutions

Practice Set 1

4 pages

Types of matrices @Sonika Anand Academy

Addition and subtraction of two Matrices@sonikaanandacademy

Transpose of a matrix@sonikaanandacademy

Practice Set 2

3 pages

Multiplication of 2×2matrices@sonikaanandacademy

matrix multiplication 2×2 @Sonika Anand Academy

Multiplication of 3×3matrices@sonikaanandacademy

Multiplication o Matrices Continued

Practice Set 3

7 pages

Adjoint of 2×2 matrix @sonikaanandacademy

How to find cofactor matrix @sonikaanandacademy

Transpose and Adjoint of matrix @sonikaanandacademy

Inverse of matrix using elementary operations@sonikaanandacademy

Symmetric and skew symmetric matrices @sonikaanandacademy

Consistent and Inconsistent Matrices@sonikaanandacademy

Summary in one shot@sonikaanandacademy

Test Series

Quiz on Matrices


10 attachments • 1 hrs

Ncert Text Book

Ncert Text Book - Determinants

44 pages

video solutions



Concept Base Lectures

How to find Determinant of a Matrix@Sonika Anand Academy


Test Series

Lecture 1@sonikaanandcademy

Continuity and Differentiability

20 attachments • 4 hrs

Ncert Text Book

Ncert Text Book - Continuity and Differentiability

47 pages

Ncert Solutions

Exercise 5.1 @sonikaanandacademy

Exercise 5.2 Que 1...@Sonika Anand Academy

Exercise 5.3 Que 1@Sonika Anand Academy

Exercise 5.4 @sonikaanandacademy

Exercise 5.5 Que 1 ... @sonikaanandacademy

Exercise 5.6 @sonikaanandacademy

Question series@sonikaanandacademy

Concept Base Lectures

How to Differentiate Trigonometric functions@sonikaanandacademy

How to Differentiate Implicit functions @sonikaanandacademy

Implicit functions @sonikaanandacademy

How to find limit of logarithmic functions @sonikaanandacademy

How to find limit of exponential functions@Sonika Anand Academy

IIT JEE Mock Test Series Topic Calculus @sonikaanandacademy

Test Series

How to find Limit Using L Hospital's Rule @Sonika Anand Academy

Recording - Model paper live

Application of Derivative

14 attachments • 2 hrs

Ncert Text Book

Ncert Text Book -- Application of Derivatives

53 pages

Ncert solutions

Exercise 6.1 Que--12 @sonikaanandacademy

Exercise 6.2 @Sonika Anand Academy

Exercise 6.2 Que 1 Increasing and Decreasing functions@sonikaanandacademy

Exercise 6.2. Que -6 @sonikaanandacademy

Concept Base Lecture

Equations of tangent and normal @sonikaanandacademy

Rolle's theorem@sonikaanandacademy

Lagrange's mean value theorem@Sonika Anand Academy

Increasing and Decreasing Function@Sonika Anand Academy

Increasing and Decreasing Function continued@Sonika Anand Academy

maximum and minimum


23 attachments • 3 hrs

Ncert Text Book

Ncert Text Book - Integrals

72 pages

Ncert Solutions

Differentiation || Integration || Must Watch @sonikaanandacademy

Exercise 7.2 @Sonika Anand Academy

Exercise 7.2 @sonikaanandcademy.com

Exercise 7.3 @Sonika Anand Academy

Exercise 7.3 Que 9 to Que 16 @sonikaanandacademy

Exercise 7.4 Que 1...@Sonika Anand Academy

Exercise 7.4 Que 13 ...b@ sonikaanandacademy

Concept Base Lectures

Lecture 1 @Sonika Anand Academy


Lecture 3@Sonika Anand Academy

Lecture 4 @Sonika Anand Academy

Lecture 5 @Sonika Anand Academy

Lecture 6@Sonika Anand Academy

Lecture 7@sonikaanandacademy

Lecture 8@Sonika Anand Academy

Lecture 9@Sonika Anand Academy

new integration live

Integration using partial fraction latest

Integration using partial fraction

Application of Integral

4 attachments

Ncert Text Book

Ncert Text Book - Application of Integrals

20 pages

Live Classes

Ex 11.1 @Sonika Anand Academy

Differential Equation

10 attachments • 1 hrs

Ncert Text Book

Ncert Text Book - Differential Equations

45 pages

Exercise 9.1 @sonikaanandacademy

Concept Base Lectures

How to find order and degree

Differential equations#order#degree#sonikaanand#youtube

variable seperable method ||homogeneous equations@sonikaanandacademy

Integrating factor method | @sonikaanandacademy

Test Series

Mock Test Series 1 @Sonika Anand Academy

Vector Algebra

17 attachments • 1 hrs

Ncert Text Book

Ncert Text Book - Vector Algebra

39 pages

Exercise 10.1 part 1 @ Sonika Anand Academy

Exercise 10.2 @Sonika Anand Academy

Concept Base

How to find the magnitude and unit vector @sonikaanandacademy

how to show vectors are vertices of right triangle@Sonika Anand Academy

How to prove collinearity of vectors@Sonika Anand Academy

Dot and cross product @sonikaanandacademy

How to find coplanar vector @sonikaanandacademy

How to find a vector perpendicular to two vectors @sonikaanandacademy

Vector Continued@sonikaanandacademy

vectors part 2 @sonikaanandacademy

Shortest distance between two lines when they are given in vector form@Sonika Anand Academy

vectors continued @sonikaanandacademy

model paper

mt vector

Three Dimensional Geometry

16 attachments • 1 hrs

Ncert Text Book

Ncert Text Book - Three Dimensional Geometry

41 pages

Exercise 11.1 @ sonikaananadacademy

Ex 11.1 @Sonika Anand Academy

Exercise 11.1 @ sonikaananadacademy

Exercise 11.2 @Sonika Anand Academy

Concept Base Lectures

Lecture 1 concept Base@Sonika Anand Academy

How to find direction ratio and direction cosine @sonikaanandacademy

How to convert Cartesian form of equation to vector equation@sonikaanandacademy

how to find shortest distance between two lines when equation is given in cartesian form@sonikaanandacademy

Distance of plane from a point@Sonika Anand Academy

Distance of a plane from a point @sonikaanandacademy

Equation of plane when three points are given@Sonika Anand Academy

Live Class

Recording - Live 1

Linear Programming

3 attachments • 8 mins

Ncert Text Book

Ncert Text Book - Linear Programming

27 pages

Linear Inequations maths class 11 @sonikaanandacademy


21 attachments • 1 hrs

Ncert Text Book

Ncert Text Book - Probability

57 pages

Formula to find favourable sample space and total sample space

odd against and odd in favour ||engineering mathematics

Lecture 1@Sonika Anand Academy

13.2 part2

13.3 part 1

Bayes Theorem

Bayes Theorem

Bayes Theorem continued

Multiple choice Questions on Probability

Probability Exercise 13.3 Que 8 To Que 13

probability Distribution

Bernoulli Trial

poisson Ratio

Poisson ratio@ sonikaanandacademy

Relation between mean mode and median

standard deviation

probability distribution mean variance concept base

Test paper

Test Paper 1

Model Test paper Solutions

5 attachments • 53 mins

L 'Hospital Rule@Sonika Anand Academy

Model paper Questions on Integration

Difference between Integration and Differentiation @Sonika Anand Academy

set 1 part1

set part 2

Model Test Papers

1 attachment

Functions and Relations Model Test paper 2022

6 pages

Previous year papers and solution

20 attachments

Set 1 Question paper

8 pages

Solution Set 1

11 pages

Set 2 Question Paper

8 pages

Solution Set 2

11 pages

Set 3 Question Paper

8 pages

Solution Set 3

11 pages

Set 4

7 pages

Solution Set 4

11 pages

Set 5

7 pages

Solution Set 5

11 pages

Set 6

7 pages

Solution Set 6

11 pages

Set 7

8 pages

Solution Set 7

11 pages

Set 8

8 pages

Solution Set 8

11 pages

Set 9

8 pages

Solution set 9

11 pages

Set 10

7 pages

Solution Set 10

7 pages

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