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Acid Base

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Acid Base Que 1 What are acid base indicators? Ans Acid base indicators are mixture of dyes which are used to indicate the presence of acids and bases Que 2 What are properties of acid Ans Acids are sour in taste Acid change the colour of blue litmus to red Whenever acids are dissolved in water they...

Reflection and Refraction of Light

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Reflection and Refraction of Light Que - Define focus . If the radius of curvature of mirror is 20 cm find its focal length Que - Define power of lens ? what is its unit? Find the power of lens having focal length 2 m and focal length 50 cm Que -- What is refractive index ? what is its unit ? If ref...

Periodic Classification of Periodic Table

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Periodic Classification of Periodic Table Periodic Classification of Compounds and Trends Important questions Que 1 How many elements are known to us Ans 118 elements are known to us and which 94 are naturally occurring Que 2 What is Dobereiner's Traids Ans In 1817 scientist Dobereiner arrange the e...


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Gravitation Gravitational force between two point masses F=GMm/r^2 Gravitational field strength distance at a point in gravitational field is defined as gravitational force per unit massE=F/m Gravitational potential Gravitational potential at a point in a gravitational field is defined as negative o...

Heat and Thermodynamics

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Heat and Thermodynamics Heat --Heat is a Energy which is transferred between system and the surroundings to the temperature Difference Unit of heat is called cal it is defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water through 1°C Specific Heat Capacity It is the quan...
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