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Sample Test Paper for Class 10- Quadratic Equations

access_time 2023-01-12T01:49:51.199Z face Sonika Agarwal
Sample Test Paper for Class 10- Quadratic Equations Que 1--- Find quadratic equation whose solution set is a) {2,-3} b) { -3,2/5} Que 2--. Find value of k for which x=3 is the solution of equation (k+2)x²-kx+6=0 Que 3--- Find set of values of k for which the equation. px²-5x+p=0 has real and equal r...

Polynomial Class 10

access_time 2023-01-12T01:35:55.712Z face Sonika Agarwal
Polynomial Class 10 Sample Test paper Que 1 -If one zero of the polynomial 2x²- 5x -(2x+1) is twice the other zero then value of k a) 17/9 b) -17/9 c) 9/18 d) none Que 2 - If 2 and 3 are the zeros of the polynomial 3x²-2kx+2m = 0 then value of k and m are a) 15,9/2 b) 15/2 ,- 9 c) 15/2,. 9 d ) none ...

Sample Test paper for Class 10 -Real Number

access_time 2023-01-11T18:58:05.912Z face Sonika Agarwal
Real Number Class 10 Que 1 If a= x⁴y²,b= x²y³ then LCM (a,b) is a) x⁸y⁶ b ) x⁶y⁵ c) x⁴y³ d) none of these Ans ( c) Que 2 If LCM (32,a) = 64 and HCF (32,a) = 4 then value of a is a) 16 b ) 8 c) 20 d) 10 Ans (b) Que 3 Three bells rings at intervals 5,3,15 minutes. All three rang at 10 am when will the...

Electromagnetic Induction

access_time 2022-12-25T11:17:13.391Z face Sonika Agarwal
Electromagnetic Induction The phenomenon in which electric current is generated by varying magnetic field is called electromagnetic induction What is cause of generation of electric current between magnet and coil? Ans - The relative motion ie change in magnetic flux is cause of generation of electr...

Electrostatics and Electric Field

access_time 2022-12-25T11:00:51.135Z face Sonika Agarwal
Electrostatics and Electric Field Electric charges and fields Electric charges is of two types positive and negative loss of electrons gives positive charge and gain of electrons gives negative charge to a body SI unit of charge is Coulomb Dimensional formula is [AT] Quantization of charge The charg...
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