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Reflection and Refraction of Light

Que -

Define focus . If the radius of curvature of mirror is 20 cm find its focal length

Que - Define power of lens ? what is its unit? Find the power of lens having focal length 2 m and focal length 50 cm

Que -- What is refractive index ? what is its unit ? If refractive index of kerosene turpentine and water is 1.44, 1.47 and 1.33 in which medium speed of light is maximum

Que - What is magnification? Write its formula ? What tell the magnification for plane mirror convex mirror and concave mirror?

Que -What is refraction give laws of refraction?

Que - A concave mirror produces three times magnified real image of an object placed in front of 10 cm where is image located

Sat Dec 3, 2022

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