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Periodic Classification of Periodic Table

Periodic Classification of Compounds and Trends

Important questions

Que 1
How many elements are known to us

118 elements are known to us and which 94 are naturally occurring

Que 2
What is Dobereiner's Traids

In 1817 scientist Dobereiner arrange the elements with similar properties into group
Identify some groups having three elements each so he called his group Traida

According to him
when three elements in a traid were written in order of increasing atomic masses atomic mass of the middle element was the average of atomic masses of other two elements

Que 3
What is Newland law of octaves

In 1866 John newland arrange the known elements in the order of increasing atomic

He found that every eighth element has the similar properties to that of the first
He compare this to the octaves found in music therefore he called it the law of octaves

Que 4
How many elements were known at the time of mendeleev classification of periodic table


Que 5
What is the periodic law for mendeleev periodic table

"The properties of elements are the periodic function of their atomic masses "is the periodic law for the mendeleev periodic table

Que 6
What is the name given to the vertical columns and horizontal rows in the periodic table

The vertical columns are called groups
Horizontal rows are called periods

Que 7
What are the limitations of mendeleev periodic table classification

The position of the hydrogen cannot be fixed as hydrogen has both the properties of alkali and the halogens

There is no place for the isotopes of the element

Que 8
What is the basis of Mendeleev periodic table

Mendeleev arrange the elements in order of their increasing atomic masses

Que 9
Who discovered atomic number

In 1913 Henry Moseley

Que 10
What is the basis of modern periodic table

The modern periodic table is arranged on the basis of the atomic number

Que 11
What is modern periodic law

Properties of elements are a periodic function of their atomic number

Que 12
How many vertical columns and horizontal rows are found in modern periodic table

There are 18 vertical columns known as groups

There are 7 horizontal rows known as periods

Sat Dec 3, 2022

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