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Metals Non Metal Class 10 

Que 1
What is metallic lusture

There are some elements which have ability to shine which is termed as metallic lecture these properties are generally found in metals

Que 2
What is malleability

The ability of metals to be beaten into thin sheets is called malleability

Que 3
What is ductility

The ability of metals to be drawn into thin wires is called ductility Gold is the most ductile element

Que 4
Name some good conductors of heat

The best conductor of heat are silver and copper

Que 5
What is full form of PVC

Full form of PVC is polyvinyl chloride it is a rubber like material which is coated on the current carrying wires

Que 6
What is Sonorous

When the metals produce sound on striking a hard surface this is known as Sonorous

Que 7
Name a non metal which is liquid

Bromine is a non metal which is liquid

Que 8
Name a non metal which is lustrous
Iodine is a non metal which is lustrous

Que 9
What is allotrope

Main metal exist in different forms each form is called allotrope for example carbon is a non metal which exist in different forms the three different forms of allotrope of carbon are diamond and graphite

Que 10
Name the hardest natural substance

Diamond is the hardest natural substance which is the allotrope of carbon
Que 11
Which type of oxides are formed when they dissolve in water
a) metal
b) nonmetal


a) when a metal oxide dissolved in water at form basic oxides

b) when a non metal dissolve in water it form acidic oxides

Que 12
Name a metal which can easily be cut with a knife

Sodium is a metal which can easily be cut with a knife

Que 13
What are amphoteric oxides

The metal oxides which react with both acid as well as base to form salt and water are known as amphoteric oxide
For example ammonium oxide reacts with both acids and bases forming aluminium trichloride and sodium aluminate when react with acid and bases respectively
Que 14
What is anodising

Anodising is a process of forming a thick oxide layer of aluminium Aluminium develops a thin oxide layer when exposed to air aluminium oxide coat makes it resistant to further corrosion

Que 15
What is reactivity series
Activity series a list of metals arranged in the order of their decreasing activities
Watch the attach lecture in order to understand the reactivity series and the different numericals and tricks based on reactivity series

to join railway tracks or cracked machine parts is known as thermit reactions

Que 23
During the process of electrolysis on which electrode the pure metal is collected and on which electrode impurities are collected

During the process of electrolysis
The pure metal is collected at the cathode
The impure metal is collected at the anode

Que 24
What chemical process is used for obtaining a metal from its oxide

The process by which we obtain a metal is known as electrolytic refining

Que 25
Name two metals which are found in nature in the free state

Gold ,Silver

Que 26
Name the the process by which we extract the metals from their ores

Extraction of metals from their oaths and then refining them for use is known as metallurgy

Que 27
What is corrosion

The surface of some metals when exposed to moist air for a long period of time get screwed it this is known as corrosion

For example
in case of silver they become black when exposed to air forming silver sulphide

Copper reacts with moist carbon dioxide and gains a green coat forming copper carbonate

Iron when exposed to moist air forms a coating of brownie flake called rust

Que 28
How we prevent element from the corrosion

We prevent corrosion by
Painting ,oiling , galvanizing ,anodising

Que 29
What is galvanization

The method of protecting steel and iron from rusting by coating them with a thin layer of zinc is known as galvanization

Que 30
What is alloy

It is a homogeneous mixture of two or more metals or a metal and a non metal
Que 31
Give the composition of alloys

Amalgam is the alloy of Mercury

Brass is the alloy of copper and zinc

Ranches the alloy of copper and tin

Solder is the alloy of lead and tin

Very Short Answers --
Que - What is full form of TNT?

Ans - TNT -- Tri Nitro Toluene

Que --Name nonmetal used in vulcanisation of rubber ?

Ans -- Sulphur

Que --Name one metal and one nonmetal exists in liquid state ?

Ans -- Metal which exists in liquid state is mercury

Non metal which exists in liquid state is bromine

Que -- Name the metal which is used as rocket fuel ?

Ans -- Liquid Hydrogen is used as a rocket fuel

Que --Name the metal used in making bullet proof jackets?

Ans -- Zirconium

Que -- Name the metal used in car batteries?

Ans -- Lead

SAMPLE PAPER For Metal And Non Metal

Section A

Short Answer---

Que-- Define and give one example
a) Malleability
b) Ductility
c) Amphoteric Oxides

Que - Differentiate the following ( at least two points)
a) Metals and Non Metals
b) Acidic and Basic Oxides

Que - What is reactivity series of metal ?
a) Name most reactive metal
b) Name least reactive metal

Section 2 --

Give Reasons for the following --
a) Why is sodium kept in kerosene oil?
b) Platinum ,gold is used to make jewellery
c) Aluminium is used to make utensils for cooking
d) Why sulphur dioxide gas has no action on dry litmus but changes colour of moist litmus

Section 3 --

Que -- Write equation for the following --

a) Iron with steam
b) Iron with sulphuric acid

Que -- Which of the following give displacement reactions or not and why ?

a) MgCl2 with Aluminium metal
b) AgNO3 with copper metal

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