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Mechanical Properties of Solids 

What is elasticity and plasticity define elastic limit

Elasticity is property of solids by virtue of which the object regains its shape and size after the removal of deforming force

Plasticity is the property of solid by virtue of which the object does not regain its original shape and size after removal of deforming force

Elastic Limit The limit after which the elasticity of an object converts into plasticity is called elastic limit
What is stress its formula and definition

Stress - Stress is ratio of tangential force per unit area

Formula -- Stress = Force / Area

Unit -- N/ m²
What is strain-- It is ratio of Increase in length to original length

Formula -
Strain = Change in length/ original length

It has no unit
Hooke's Law

It is ratio of Stress to Strain

Young Modulus = Stress / Strain
= F/A/ ∆l/L
= FL/ πr²∆l

Mon Nov 28, 2022

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