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Control and Coordination

Que - Why pituitary gland is called master gland ?

Ans - Pituitary gland is called master gland because it controls and coordinates secretion of all other glands

Que -What is stimulus?

Ans - Something that brings about a response in an organism is called stimulus

Que - What is synapse?

Ans - The functional junction between two neurons is called a synapse

Que -What is reflex action ?

Ans- It is involuntary spontaneous and inconscious response to stimulus

Que - Name components of

a) Centrl nervous system --

Ans Brain and spinal cord

b ) Peripheral nervous system

Ans Spinal nerves and Cranial nerve

Que - Name the harmone responsible for

a) phototrophic movement of plant

Ans - Auxin

b) promoting cell division in plants

Ans - Cytokinin

Long Answers

Que What are different tropic movements?

Ans Tropic movements are directional movements which either towards or away from stimulus

1) Phototropism - The movement which is in response to light stem is positive movement and root is negative movement

2) Geotropism - The movement which is in response to gravity movement of stem is negative and movement of root is positive

3) Hydrotropism - The movement in response to water , stem negative

4) Chemotropism - The growth of pollen tubes towards ovules

Que - What is the difference between sensory nerve and the motor nerve

Ans - The difference between sensory nerve and motor nerve is as follows

Ans - The difference between sensory nerve and motor nerve is as follows

Sensory nerve - It takes information from the receptor and transmit it to brain

Motor nerve - It transmit the information for action to be taken from brain to effector organs
- Neuron is a structural and functional unit of human nervous system
It consist of different parts

1) Dendrite -- 

It receives the impulse from the stimulus and transmit further to cell body 

2) Axon-- 

It receives the message from dendrite and transmit further to nerve ending

3) Nerve Ending -- 

It transmits the message from one nerve cell to another nerve cell via synapase 

Que - What happens at synapase between two neurons?

Ans -- Synapase is gap between nerve ending of one neuron and dendrite of other neuron .The electric impulse generated at dendrite of one neuron is passed to dendrite of other neuron in form of chemicals by axon ending of first neuron It ensures nerve pulses travels only in one direction

Que - Name five hormones secreted by plants and their function

Ans Harmones secreted by plants are

1 ) Auxin -- They are produced at shoot tip and help in growth of stem 

2 ) Gibberellin - They help in vegetative growth 

3 ) Cytokinin - Promotes cell division

4) Abscisic acid - Inhibits growth and wilting of leaves 

5 ) Ethylene - help in ripening of fruits 

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