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Semiconductor Devices

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Semiconductor Devices Semiconductors are the materials whose conductivity and resistivity lie in between metals and insulators When temperature higher than zero degree Kelvin some of the electrons are excited from valence band to conduction band creating an equal number of holes in the valence band ...

Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter

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Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter Photo Electric Effect The phenomenon of photoelectric effect is discovered by Hertz in 1887 When the light of certain frequency is allowed to fall on a metal surface and electrons are ejected from the metal surface this phenomenon is called photoelectric effect Or...

MCQ Physics - Topic Electromagnetic Wave

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MCQ Physics - Topic Electromagnetic Wave Que 1 The dimensional formula of 1/(magnetic permeability×electric permittivity) a) [LT^-1] b) [L^-1T] c) [L^2T^-2] d) [TL] Ans (c) Que 2 The electromagnetic wave which has least wavelength a) Radio waves b) X rays c) microwaves d) Gamma waves Ans (d) Que 3 T...
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