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Metals Non Metal Class 10

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Metals Non Metal Class 10 Que 1 What is metallic lusture Ans There are some elements which have ability to shine which is termed as metallic lecture these properties are generally found in metals Que 2 What is malleability Ans The ability of metals to be beaten into thin sheets is called malleabilit...

Heredity and Evolution - Summary of Lesson

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Heredity and Evolution - Summary of Lesson Que What is heredity Ans The transmission of genetically based characteristics from parents to the offspring is called heredity Que What are variations Ans Small differences among the individuals of the same species are called variations Que Who discovered ...

Magnetic Effects of Current - Summary of Lesson

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Magnetic Effects of Current - Summary of Lesson IMPORTANT QUESTIONS Que Name the scientist who showed that an electricity and magnetism where related phenomena Ans Hans Christian oersted in 1820 discovered that a compass needle get deflected when an electric current pass through metallic wire in thi...

Electricity-- Summary of Lesson

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Summary of Lesson Electricity Que 1 Define electric current? Ans Current is the rate of flow of charge across a cross section normal to the direction of the flow of the current Charge q flows across any cross section of a conductor in time t then the current is I=Q/t = ne / t Unit of current is ampe...
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